Ipega PG-9777S Bluetooth Gamepad For Nintendo Switch Android iOS iPad PC With RGB Light Linear Vibration Stretchable Controller

Color:  PG-9777


Ipega 2024 New Gaming Controller PG-9777 / PG-9777S For Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, PC, PS3

Product sellpoints

★ Mobile Armour design.
★ Buckle design.
★ Adjustable rocker sensitivity.
★ Extra long stretching handle.
★ Adjustable RGB Lights.
★ Bluetooth Wireless connection.
★ Wake up function.
★ Auto-fire.
★ Linear Adjustable Vibration
★ Support Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS3 etc.

Adjustable rocker sensitivity

Adjust the sensitivity of the game joystick by rotating the gear, with sensitivity ranging from 20% to 100%, providing you with a better gaming experience.

Mechanical buttons

Built in rebound device, when you press a button, the button will immediately rebound, greatly reducing rebound time.

Colorful RGB Light: stunning appearance even in the dark

Maybe you never imagined a rainbow appearing at night, but when you turn on PG-9777S controller, you will see the rainbow glow from the translucent body.

Linear vibration motors

Game controller has two linear vibration motors, which can enhance the immersion of the game and provide a real-time and realistic game experience.