Gaming mouse keyboard controller

Color:  Keyboard and mouse set



1.Bluetooth 4.0 support smart connection, wired wireless connection.

2.Compatible with Android and iOS dual platform. Support the most popular FPS games.

3.Plug and play, bring the PC gaming experience to your cell phone, use your own keyboard and mouse to control the handheld game.

4.Independent gun pressure. The chances of winning can be significantly increased with enhanced control over all functions such as rapid aiming, shooting, spraying and more.

5.Support the use of mouse pointer, easy to use.

6.Equipped with 65° stand, easy to tilt.


Product type: keyboard and mouse converter

Material: ABS

Color: black

Type: Keyboard + Mouse

Connection: Bluetooth 4.0 connection

Use distance: within 10 meters

Input current: DC5V/2A

Operating current: 20mA (single working current)

Nominal frequency: <8M

Input voltage: 5V

Interface Type: USB, Wireless/Bluetooth

Vibration mode: no vibration

Item size: 98 * 95 * 25mm

Applicable devices: Android 4.4 or above version of the phone/tablet; for IOS 13.4 or lower version of the phone/tablet, IOS 13.4 or higher version of the phone/tablet can not be used

Package includes:

1 * Keyboard and mouse converter

1 * Charging cable

1 * User manual