Game trigger ipad six-finger trigger

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1. New generation upgrade
2.6 Finger operation
The handle is integrated with the ignition controller, conforms to the ergonomic design, and feels more comfortable. Play the mobile game with six fingers pushing, rotating, aiming and shooting at the same time. Say goodbye to finger numbness.
3.80° flip button design
You can customize the button layout without removing the phone. High-density conductive rubber and alloy buttons ensure fast and sensitive response. No need for power supply and driver, improve your game performance.
4. All-in-one detail integration
The charging ports on both sides of the handle support charging the ipad when playing games; there are buttons on the back of the game handle to fix the iPad; the multi-angle adjustable stand can be used as a stand to watch movies or videos.
Weight: about 182g
Colour: Black
Material: ABS+Zinc Alloy
Size: 59.3x37.2x118mm
Suitable for tablets with thickness less than or equal to 10mm
Package Included
2 x trigger (left and