PUBG Online Recharge



Product Introduction

Product type: PlayerUnknown Survival: Stimulating Battlefield International Mobile Game Recharge
Product brand: PUBG
Scope of application: PlayerUnknown Survival: Stimulating Battlefield International Service UC in-game consumption and use

Purchase process
1. Select the face value you want according to the prompts on the page and fill in the corresponding recharge information;
2. Click the "Buy Now" button to enter the order page and confirm the order information again;
3. Choose the payment method and complete the payment;
4. After successful payment, it usually takes 3 minutes to receive the payment. In case of special circumstances, customer service will review the recharge information you left before shipping. Please wait.

How to receive goods
After the order is completed, please log in to Koala Live to check your diamond balance. Please pay attention to the balance before recharging, for the convenience of checking the account situation;
2. The system will automatically recharge based on the recharge information you fill in, which usually takes less than 3 minutes to complete. If the recharge peak period exceeds 10 minutes and the account is not received, please contact online customer service.

Payment method
1. Support universal Debit Card, Credit Card, and PayPal account payments for major banks worldwide, not limited to Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc;
2. Support local 200+payment methods for multiple currencies, such as Alipay, Boost, Paynow, Grobpay, GCash, Bpi, etc.
Attention: If there is any abnormality in the amount of your first order, in order to ensure the security of your account, we will review and verify your order. Please understand.

Website Statement
1. Please confirm multiple times whether your recharge account and related information are correct. If your recharge account is entered incorrectly but the recharge is successful, the system will not issue a refund.
2. Due to the unique nature of virtual products, please log in to your account after completin