Gamepad Joystick For PUBG Mobile Controller Auto High Frequency Click Joypad Trigger Button, L1R1 Shooter for Android iO

Color:  Yellow


                                        Automatic Burst Precision Shooting

Mobile Game Automatic Combo Button

Speed is the Key to Victory

Kill your enemy and make them into a landingbox in a second

50-round Burst Per Second

Press one button to kill the enemy
*Require high screen refresh rate and high touch sampling rate

Dual Button Switches in a Second and Making a Head-on Attack

Dual shoulder button design for switching between single shot and repeater in different combat environments

Operate by LH/RH Fingers

Switching between left and right hand freely, responsive operation and stable connection forstrike back easily.

Long Battery Life for 50 Rounds

20 hours of Long battery life

Mouse Micro Switches

A nice touch and 5 million clicks of service life

Four-speed Adjustment

Different guns in different configurations-a6 / 15 / 30 / 50 round burst

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