Fengfan Game Controller Joystick Type-C Rechargeable Aim-and-Shoot Trigger Accessory for PUBG Mobile



Fengfan Controller Accessories Features:
Long-lasting battery life: 15 hours of continuous operation. Built-in battery capacity is 180mAh, long life, support Type-C interface fast charging.

Compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 fast connection: equipped with Bluetooth compatible technology for smooth gaming experience without delay, fast connection and no delay.

HIGH PRECISION 3D JOCKER, SMOOTH AND SMOOTH: Sturdy joystick delivers smoother, finer movements and better steering and turning experience.

Dual Side Button Design, Multi-Finger Linkage: Side buttons can be set arbitrarily, multi-finger linkage for easy dueling. One button to fire continuously, activate the fighting power of index finger. Side buttons of the handle can be used to fire/open the mirror, easier to accomplish more convenient and flexible three-finger operation.

ANTI-SLIP SILICONE PAD DESIGN WITHOUT HURTING YOUR MOBILE PHONE: Clip gently, anti-slip without hurting your phone. Supports cell phones and tablets with thickness less than 14mm.

Type: Gamepad

Certification: CE

Place of Origin: Mainland China

Compatible brands/models: mobile devices

Model: Game Controller

Packaging: Yes

Model: FF-C1

Material: ABS+Silicone

Appearance: Fashionable color scheme

Button: Dual button, dual function

Rocker: 19mm/0.75in diameter large rocker

Side buttons: 1 million micro switches

Charging current: 5V 100mA

Battery capacity: 180mAh

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 compatible

Battery life: about 15 hours

Android connection: wired connection, wireless connection

Applicable system: Android/Apple

Cable length: 150mm/5.91in

Size: 69.9x49.5x42.5mm/2.75x1.95x1.67in

Weight: 50g

Packing list:
1 X Controller

1 X Activation Power Cord

1 X Instruction manual