Bluetooth-Compatible Wireless Controller For PS4 Elite/Slim/Pro Console Gamepad With Programmable Back Button Support PC Joypad

颜色:  Q300 Green


About Q300 P4 Elite Controller:

-Multi-System Compatibility&IOS 13 System Above.

-Full compatibility with PS4 and for PS4 Pro/Slim/for PS3 consoles/for PC-steam/for iSO/for Android phone.

-This Controller let you can play games by your for iPhone& for iPad (for IOS 13 System Above,Only support games developed for ps4 console).


Interchangeable Button Design:

-Newest Version for PS4 wireless controller's can swap left joystick and D-pad to suitful your hands.

-You could select the layout you want,install the module into the controller,rotate the fixed block with pick to the locked state.

Turbo Function:

-For PS4 Controller Wireless Button (Turbo button) + Any button, you can start the TURBO function of the button, Any button is set as a burst button.

-Button (Turbo button) + Any button, press again to turn off the TURBO function of the button.

3.5MM Audio Jack:

-Note:The product with a 3.5mm audio jack, but has higher requirements for the headphone plug, you need to use the CTIA plug standard can get chat and stereo game audio directly.

-If you use ordinary earphone plugs on the market, you cannot chat, please understand!

   Interchangeable D-pad & left Joystick

Clickable touch pad

Built-in gyro/motion sensing

Built-in dual motors/vibration feedback

Manual turbo function

3.5mm audio jack

Built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery 

Every time when the controller is successfully connected to the console.

(1) First of all, you have to move the left and right joysticks to the maximum amplitude, and turn a circle to calibrate the joysticks.

(2)And press the L2 and R2 buttons completely to calibrate the them.

The latest design for PS4 controller

1.The PS4 wireless controller is indeed ergonomic. In particular, the analog joystick is responsive and stable, with almost no input lag and drift. Familiarity makes it easier for you to complete game problems.

2.At the same time, the controller is integrated with accelerometers and gyroscopes, which are very sensitive, thus bringing a more accurate and interesting game experience.