2pcs Mobile Game Controller 6-finger game trigger portable

颜色:  black trigger +3 Pairs of Finger Sleeves



- This Six Finger Game Trigger Reversible Front Button Gesture Grip features a fireproof, lag-free, extremely comfortable and ergonomic design.

- This product has a reliable seat that protects your phone well. Soft EVA and silicone are provided on many stress areas on the top and bottom of the phone.

- Plug and Play Game Trigger Users simply press their finger so that the Game Trigger's contacts are perfectly aligned with the phone's screen, and the game starts instantly.

- The multi-functional Game Trigger turns your two fingers into six, making it easier to win.

- In order to better simulate the touch data of human fingers and minimize latency, we have applied mapping technology to the game trigger.
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Product Name:Fengfan Game Trigger

Applicable cell phone: width less than 1.1 cm

Product Material: PVC Product Material: PVC

Color: black

Interface type: USB USB

Key position 4 output ports

Suitable for games: all shooting games

Product weight: 26 grams

Package Includes

2 x Game Triggers